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HATs approved by FCA

HAT Microservers have been approved by the UK FCA for use with banking data and spending

13 August, London | HAT Microservers ( have been formally approved by the FCA to hold consumer finance data like banking and spending information. The HAT Data Exchange platform ( successfully completed an approval process with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ( to be an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) for consumer’s banking information.

The HAT Data Exchange platform’s AISP approval gives consumers using HAT Microservers (HATs) the ability to pull banking data from services like Monzo, Revolut, and high street banking providers into their personal data accounts, adding payments and transactions data to their social, fitness, productivity, and mobile data as they wish. HAT owners have full data rights to license the information within their HAT to websites and applications through the HATDeX platform that ensures real time, on demand data sharing.

Finance data is expected to be made available to HAT-owning consumers in this way over the next two months, as administrative and security requirements of this new data type are met following the go-ahead from the regulator. By November 2019 it is anticipated that HAT owners and HAT-enabled websites and applications can benefit from finance data for day-to-day use.

Says HATDeX CEO, Professor Irene Ng, “FCA Approval is an acknowledgement that individuals themselves can own their data for re-use and re-sharing with HAT MIcroservers as personal data accounts. Our partner websites and applications in the HAT ecosystem will now be able to request for data and spending insights from their own customers which is a testament to the fact that we can have innovative and data rich services while preserving individual privacy and data rights.”

Want to create finance data applications on top of user-owned personal data shared directly to by your users themselves? Build with the HAT by visiting us online at or

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CZ Investment taps HATDeX founder Dr. Xiao Ma, to investment board for Western Europe

Government-supported $66m private equity firm will invest in European technologies that integrate with the Hub of All Things

Dr. Xiao Ma, Commercial Director

Dr. Xiao Ma, Commercial Director

LONDON, UKHAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX) founder and University of Warwick Senior Fellow Dr. Xiao Ma has been tapped to join the investment board of CZ Investments, a major development fund backed by the Chinese government.

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CZ Investments is looking at three investment categories through its $66 million Fund 1: BioTech, Manufacturing, and Digital Technologies focusing on the personal data economy. A healthy portion of the fund’s inaugural capital will be put into HAT-based innovations, as the data exchange, digital insight, and artificial intelligence landscapes evolve over the coming investment cycle. Dr. Ma, as the fund’s only scale-up-focused partner, is committing to investments in decentralized personal data projects built on Hub of All Things (HAT) micro-server technology. 

HAT micro-servers are a technology for the decentralised data economy. The micro-servers are owned by the citizen and can collect and store data for them wherever it’s created, unlocking opportunities in private AI, non-intrusive online advertising, and improved digital signaling and verified action. HATs improve companies’ access to their users’ data, giving them direct, real-time, on-demand, dynamic information that doesn’t violate customer expectations or intrude upon their privacy. Analogous to the bank account, the HAT micro-server is a data account that can be provided to citizens by the governments, hospitals, financial services, or technology providers, and each HAT can be used by an individual to reuse and re-share app data, increasing their power, control, and collective worth as a consumer.

CZ Investments expects to leverage their network of publicly-listed corporate backers and extensive policy expertise to grow HAT-based innovation in China and Western Europe. As a founder of the HAT Data Exchange Ltd and a non-executive Board Member of the China UK Business Association, Dr. Xiao Ma is uniquely positioned to expand the technology’s global reach, and his European role with CZ Investments is in addition to responsibilities he will hold with the private equity firm in China as a member of the investment committee. 

CZ Investments will appoint the HAT Accelerator, a global technology incubator due to launch in Q3 2018, to act as its exclusive European agent for engagement with early-stage businesses. Jointly, CZ Investments and the HAT Accelerator will pursue their vision for a decentralised personal data economy. Today, personal data is already worth billions, despite the issues of customer friction, regulation, analytics, and security that come with its use - and that are expected to be solved by HAT-technology-based decentralisation. 

Dr. Ma’s role with CZ Investments will prioritize the collection, use, and utilization of personal data around the technology end-user, the citizen, to enable new services like personalised products, preventative and on-demand medicine, sophisticated machine learning algorithms, and pervasive IoT. Dr. Ma is excited to be a part of the new capital deployment and is looking forward to helping European companies to better expand into the Chinese market.


About Dr Xiao Ma

Dr. Xiao Ma is a founder of the HAT Data Exchange Ltd and a non-executive Board Member of the China UK Business Association. An entrepreneur and an academic, he has also held Visiting Professor roles at the Inner Mongolia University and the University of Warwick. Dr. Ma studied at the Beijing Institute of Technology and University of Warwick, where he received his PhD in Engineering.


About HATDeX

HAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX) is a commercial enterprise spun out from the RCUK £1.2m HAT research project (2013-2015) tasked to build the decentralised HAT Platform from the HAT open sourced core. From 2015-17, HATDeX built a suite of products (the HATDeX Technology Suite) to assist organisations in benefiting from decentralise personal data storage, processing and exchange by giving their own customers HAT private micro-servers. HATDeX is part of the HAT ecosystem managed by the HAT Community Foundation. To date, more than £10m HAT-related grants have been awarded to HAT partner universities.


About CZ Investments

CZ Investments is a private equity firm with $66m in assets under management for their early stage technologies Fund I. Supported by the Chinese government, who have a more than 10% stake ($14m GBP), the firm was founded on 26 December 2017 with a mission to invest in domestic and foreign assets in three categories: BioTech, High-Tech Manufaturing, and Digital Technologies. Based locally in China and with an expanding presence globally, they are pursuing investments in Western Europe primarily in digital technologies. CZ Investments aims to use their network and policy expertise towards expanding the available market segments for their foreign investments to include the Chinese market.


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HATDeX signs former Apple and Apollo Global Management executives to board roles

Tech challenger prepares to champion the decentralized data economy on a global stage

Tolga Uzuner

Tolga Uzuner

CAMBRIDGE, UK, 3 May 2018 | HAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX), operator of the Hub of All Things (HAT) micro-server, has welcomed two new global executives to its advisory board. Tolga Uzuner is a global technology investor and former Partner at Apollo Global Management LLC, and Alan Greenberg is a former Director of Apple Education EMEA and Asia.

The appointments help the company position decentralised data as the future of the digital economy on a global stage. Alan Greenberg, who led the Apple team that built education podcasting and iTunes U, was the Head of Higher Education EMEA for three years and the Director of Solutions & Strategy Asia for two and a half. Alan is on the team at Eight Great Technologies, a specialist technology venture capital fund that worked to promote the growth of Sino-British tech companies during the PM’s 2018 trip to China, and he is a Fellow of the RSA in London, and a director, advisor and VC to a portfolio of education and healthcare startups.

Tolga Uzuner is a global technology investor with a reputation for identifying valuable assets in emerging economies. He was a Partner at Apollo Global Management from 2013 to April 2018, prior to which he was a Managing Director in the Chief Investment Office at JPMorganChase and a Director in the Fixed Income Group at Credit Suisse. Dr. Uzuner has served on the boards of directors of Capital IQ, Consul, IP Unity, Ipanema, and Atoga, has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering and a BS in Economics from MIT, a Master of Science in Finance from London Business School, and a PhD from the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge where he is a Fellow of Kings College.

Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg

HATDeX has created a platform technology championing the decentralised personal data economy. The tech industry is moving towards new information policies after the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandals, and person-owned personal data is now increasingly a better way to build apps and services. HATDeX’s HAT micro- servers are owned by the citizen and collect data from wherever it’s created, unlocking opportunities in private AI, non-intrusive online advertising, and improved digital signaling and verified actions, representing the future of the digital economy.

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We are live!!!!!!

PRESS RELEASE: The HAT Foundation launches Crowdfunding Campaign to help individuals take control of their digital lives and claim back their data from corporations.

TUES, Feb 16 – The HAT Foundation has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to mobilise a social movement to put the power of the internet back into individual hands. Link to Indigogo:

The HAT is a platform technology that will give individuals the technological power to claim, own, control and share their data the way they want to, to make better and more informed decisions. The Indiegogo campaign aims to crowdfund further development for the roll-out of HAT’s worldwide within a year.

Using The HAT, users will be able to assess and assemble the data that companies hold on them. By combining information from sources such s Facebook, Google, broadband providers, supermarkets, online stores, streaming services and transport providers with personal data including calendar, photos and communication – users will be able to create full digital versions of themselves or the first time. More importantly, users will have the option to trade and benefit from this data.

Says Paul Tasker, the Chief Executive of the HATDEX “By 2020, 25 billion things will be connected to the internet – the ‘Internet-of-Things’- all of them generating data. This data has enormous value – to individuals, businesses and the economy. It is therefore important that we as individuals have the same power as corporations to use the data for our own benefit.

“We believe that if all of us have our own HATs, we will have more power in the future to influence how data is collected, stored and used; hugely benefitting ourselves and society whilst providing new opportunities to firms wanting to sell to us.”

Irene Ng, Chairman and Chief Economist of HATDEX says “As internet users, we hand over unimaginably vast amounts of personal data to search engines, online shopping sites and social networks every day, every time we are online. Most people don’t know what their data is, what it includes, what it looks like and how valuable it is. The HAT will change that.”

The Indiegogo campaign will run until April 15th and seeks to raise £50,000 to launch in BETA to the first users this summer.

Today also sees the launch of the HAT Foundation, a newly-formed social enterprise that will take over the HAT from WMG, the University of Warwick, which has led the development of the HAT through a £1.2 million research programme involving six universities. See the University's press release here

“We are privileged to be taking over the HAT from the research team at WMG, and we aim to take it forward by scaling up the HAT ecosystem and community of HAT users. We want to promote widespread take-up of HATs by individuals, to have as many people be part of the HAT social movement for a better future on the Internet,” Tasker Said.

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