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Milliner v1.4.1

Minor Milliner release:

  • Simplifies cluster interface customisation by reusing bigger parts of the codebase
  • Fixes issues with the handling of HATs that have partially failed to create or delete
  • Cleaner ECS virtual machine recycling avoiding application server downtime
  • Adds additional performance metrics to the administrators' dashboard
Milliner v1.4.0

Released 28 July 2017

Release Notes

  • CloudFormation infrastructure revamped to match security guidelines
  • Patching Policy setup for daily updates
  • DDoS mitigation via default AWS services
  • Clarified policies:
    • Data Location policy
    • Backup Location policy
    • Data Retention policy
  • Implemented Log retention and Archiving
  • Improved Database monitoring features
  • Improved HAT scaling monitoring features
  • Setup Host Intrusion Detection System for Docker hosts
  • HAT signup directly on Milliner supported
  • Customised Milliner front pages for different HSPs