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HAT Data Browser v2.0 ‘Rumpel’ available on the app store and online

8 Feb 2017: The Hub of All Things (HAT) today announced the release of version 2.0 of its Data Browser, ‘Rumpel’. Rumpel is the private dashboard for users’ HAT data, allowing HAT personal data store customers view and manage their personal information, whilst providing a valuable case study for the viability of the HAT's privacy-preserving data infrastructure. The HAT is a personal data ecosystem sitting on top of technology that stores individuals' personally-identifiable information in private data containers, to which only they have access. HATs provide individuals with increased control and unique data services, and businesses limit their liability to cyber attack while improving their access to contextual information.

Inside the ecosystem HATs can be used to sign into any app or device, and all of the information that's stored in them can be made accessible to the connected device in a secure fashion. HAT infrastructure modularises the user’s account away from their services, so that access can be granted to both while the whole system behaves normally. Upon modularisation, a global standard of exchanges can emerge between these personal data stores and the Internet applications that use them. The HAT is a creator and a champion of these standards. It has tasked itself with rebuilding the Internet's trust for exchanging personal data online, upon which “the foundation of the data economy must be built.”

HAT applications are built on top of a massive platform capability, but are still perfectly normal, as Rumpel 2.0 shows. This release of the product signs on, pulls, and pushes data normally, while behind the scenes the data for the application is coming from private and secure HAT data containers, not the Rumpel service. It is a demonstration of how an application can function and behave in exactly the same way any other app would, but with a completely privacy-preserving backend.

Feature releases in version 2.0:

  • Rumpel allows new users to sign up for a HAT via iPhone
  • Text-based content created in-app is sharable via Twitter
  • New Social Feeds capture user data shared via Facebook and Twitter
  • Some new data streams available for connection into the HAT
  • Sharing options for social posting to Facebook and Twitter were improved

The HAT takes feature requests and hosts product conversations online at and has a public poll for features to enter the development cycle at Rumpel Lite is open sourced at Learn more at



About the HAT at

The NextGen Digital Challenge Awards

As you may have seen from our delighted Social Media posts recently, HAT has received recent accolades in the form of the O2 NextGen Digital Challenge awards. The awards was accompanied by a fantastic evening in the company of the upcoming experts in the digital field. The categories for the evening including Digital Healthcare, Economic Development and Rural connectivity. HAT received the nomination in the category Innovative Digital Applications in June, before even Beta HAT's had been launched. So it was a definite surprise and honour to receive the Runner-Up position for this category.

“Imagination and innovation in applied digital technologies is often the result of a collaboration between two or more specialist fields. Time and again this inter-disciplinary process is demonstrated in the case studies that come before the judging panel – new ways of applying digital expertise and insight in unexpected corners of the economy and communities.” is a signature quote made by Lord Erroll that evening, and we believe it is almost perfectly reflect our goals of combining digital and economic fields.

Moving on from here, HAT will continue to strive to be innovative in the way we roll out services on the platform. We will do this by growing our digital capabilities to provide better personal data services with the help of our community.

The NextGen Digital awards press release can be found here, along with the list of the 2016 winners here.

EPSRC Press Release

Revolutionary web browser lets you lead a smarter life when you get a HAT

View the article on the EPSRC site here

RUMPEL, a ground-breaking hyperdata web browser that makes it simpler for people to access and use online data about themselves, is being rolled out to the public this month.

RUMPEL gives users the ability to browse their very own private and secure ‘personal data wardrobe’ – called a HAT (Hub-of-all-Things) – which collates data about them held on the internet (eg on social media, calendars and their own smartphones, with the possibility of also including shopping, financial and other personal data) and allows them to control, combine and share it in whatever way they wish.

Developed at WMG, University of Warwick, with Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funding, internet users can now try out RUMPEL when they get their own HAT. You can sign up to get a HAT and use RUMPEL here.

The first of its kind, this new browser makes it easy to visualise, understand and organise all kinds of personal data, much of which has been hard to access in the past. Plans are under way to include automated and personalised suggestions, prompts and reminders based on users’ needs, habits and lifestyles – for example, prioritising news-feed items based on your interests, or helping to inform decisions about what concert or movie to see taking into account where exactly you are and what you have enjoyed previously.

RUMPEL’s development has been part of the overall Hub-of-All-Things (HAT) initiative, a £1.2 million Research Councils UK digital economy project, involving six UK universities – Warwick, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Surrey and the University of the West of England – plus a host of industry partners and advisors including Dyson, Arup and GlaxoSmithKline.

Professor Irene Ng of WMG, University of Warwick, who has led RUMPEL’s development, says: “It’s time for people to claim their data from the internet. The aim of RUMPEL is to empower users and enable them to be served by the ocean of data about them that’s stored in all kinds of places online, so that it benefits them and not just the businesses and organisations that harvest it. The strapline ‘Your Data, Your Way’ reflects our determination to let people lead smarter lives by bringing their digital lives back under their own control.”

RUMPEL is compatible with all computer Operating Systems and it excludes all third parties, advertisements and ‘hard selling’. It is also being made available as an open source programme, under Mozilla Public License managed by the HAT Community Foundation and available here.

Professor Ng comments: “We want to get thousands of people all over the world to try out RUMPEL and experience for themselves how it can help them make better decisions, save them time and save them money by exchanging their personal data in a privacy-preserving manner. We hope this initial roll-out is just the first step in a process that puts people right at the heart of the internet in future.”



Beta Release of HATs, Rumpel and MarketSquare

We are pleased to release HATs with Rumpel™ and MarketSquare™ today for testing by the beta community.

If you have purchased an instant beta HAT, or signed up as a HAT beta user, you should have received an invitation code to sign up here

(click here to know why do you need an invitation code)

If you want an instant beta HAT (within 24 hours), sign up here. If you have already signed up to be a HAT earlybird user, you would expect your HAT in November, a before wider release.

What you need to know about this beta release.

1. Beta is buggy. We are rectifying bugs all the time and you will help a lot by reporting bugs. Some of the views don't look as nice as they should, and there are still places we need to clean up. Please be patient! We don't have a full time team so we are working as hard as we can. We would also welcome feedback, both positive and negative - basically anything that you think could help us improve. Please give your feedback in the HAT Users section of the forum - this category is for individuals who own and use HAT. For product specific discussions, please use the dedicated subcategories of the forum - Rumpel Users and MarketSquare Users. If you’d like to report any bugs on Rumpel™, you can report them here; or should you have any bugs to report about MarketSquare™, please post here.

2. Platform preparation. Aside from MarketSquare™and Rumpel™, we haven't built many HAT-specific services yet (well, except for data shopper on MarketSquare™ and a cool mashup on Rumpel™). This is because we've created MarketSquare™ as the social and public exchange platform for personal data on which other services can sit, and have set up the platform infrastructure to make this possible. Similarly, Rumpel™ is the personal and private space of users and again, we’ve set up the platform infrastructure so that other personal add-on services can sit on it in a way that is private to the user. The navigation of going from private (Rumpel™) to public (MarketSquare™) online spaces and making sure that, as users, you know the difference between the spaces, is important so we’ve had to set all that up. By setting all this up properly, we can now open up for companies and ourselves to build services on HAT whether these are free or commercial services in public or private spaces.

3. Data plugs. There are only 4 data plugs currently. We believe HAT data is co-created: while companies have been able to use our co-created data for a while, we, as individuals, haven't been able to. So we intend to help HAT users bring in more and more data for their personal use, it but if you are a company and you think it's a good idea to give users back their data (while you still get to keep it for your purposes) leave us some feedback in the Developers section, or better yet, create a data Plug!

4. HAT Technology. The backend technology of the HAT is unique. There may be many concepts of data stores out there but the implementation is an important factor. For data to be legally 'owned' by a HAT user, it needs to be technically 'contained' as well so that data at rest is not mixed with other data (see the briefing paper on our implementation). We have set up the social, technical and legal aspects of the HAT so that the user’s personal data in the HAT is legally and technically able to be owned by the user and that the HAT user perceives this to be the case as well. As you legally own your HAT, you can legally go and ask companies for your data (for the UK, this is possible under the Data Protection Act 1998 and subject to access requests, see From a technical perspective, giving every individual a cloud microservice container and a personal HAT address, and then scaling it up in this way has never been done before: so testing this in a beta environment is important.

5. Economic & Revenue Model. The economic model of the HAT ecosystem is also important. We are very clear that we must align our economic incentives with that of HAT users so that the more they benefit, the more we do. Since individuals benefit in ways that are also non financial (eg sharing things), we must ensure that free sharing of data is always possible. However, someone has to pay for all the services and infrastructure. So we have to devise revenue models where some money can come into the system to pay for everything and everyone benefits from it. See our blogpost on how HATDeX derive revenues here.

We hope you will be patient with us when the inevitable glitches occur and please don't give up on us! We are working hard to make this ecosystem a reality.

What you can do to help during the beta testing stage:

  • Make data offers and accept data offers so that you can test it and know how it works. During beta testing stage, all money is ‘monopoly money’ so please test the system by making data offers, accepting them etc. etc.
  • Keep giving us feedback on how you'd like us to improve, and on any opportunities out there etc. etc. Bear in mind we are only a small team so we'll need time to get round to everything.
  • Keep sharing about the HAT! Share your personal HAT page if you've made is semi-public, share MarketSquare™ offers, get the publicity up and direct anyone interested to signing up for a HAT (we are releasing a further 500 instant beta HATs today)
  • Keep pulling in your data every time there is a data plug. With more users, more services will come.We need more of us controlling our own data and as the HAT community expands, people will look at us and say wow, that's a big community, and more apps will be created for us.

We hope you will have fun playing with your HAT!

For development community

Please find technical release notes here


(The above information as well as beta release notes are available at []. Please leave feedback there. This link will lead you to the HAT Community Forum, where various discussions within the HAT community take place among users, developers, and service providers in the HAT ecosystem. To start using the forum, please read

Oh, what a launch night!

On the 16th of February the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) hosted a fantastic evening in The Shard, one of London's most illustrious venues, to mark WMG's handover of the HAT to the HAT Foundation and The HATDeX.  

The night bagan with enjoyable Networking between the HAT team, those interested in the project and those there for the light hor d'oeuvres. The latter, of course, being a joke - as the room was alive with excitement for the project - the snacks were just a bonus!

The congregation moved to the lecture room to hear the handover presentation wonderfully introduced by Neil Crockett (@neildigitcat), Digital Catapult's CEO:

After the crowd had been roused to the potential Irene Ng (@Ireneclng), HATDeX's Chairman and Chief Economist, detailed the inspiration behind the project, the hard work accomplished so far and the future of HATDeX. Companies take our data because we let them - that is normal, and so few have questioned this - until now.

You can check out the slides for the presentation in better detail here.

Then came the main event - the demonstation. Joined by HATDeX's Head of Engineering, Andrius Aucinas (@AndriusAuc), the pair demonstrated Rumpel - The worlds' first Hyperdata browser for your HAT data.

Whilst not fully operational, Rumpel had some neat tricks up its sleeve, managing to bring data from Maps, Calendars, Email and Notes, paving the way for more creative combinations of data to be used and exchanged.

The event also featured four HAT stations that showcased the different aspects of the HAT Project; the research, the technology, the HATDeX certification compliance and governance, and the HATDeX Indigogo campaign. This gave the guests a chance to engage with those involved and ask all of their burning questions.

The end of the evening drew in but definitely left the crowd wanting more!

If you want to find out more about the HAT, follow Facebook page or Twitter (@TheHATDeX). And be Sure to check out our Indiegogo Campaign.

We are live!!!!!!

PRESS RELEASE: The HAT Foundation launches Crowdfunding Campaign to help individuals take control of their digital lives and claim back their data from corporations.

TUES, Feb 16 – The HAT Foundation has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to mobilise a social movement to put the power of the internet back into individual hands. Link to Indigogo:

The HAT is a platform technology that will give individuals the technological power to claim, own, control and share their data the way they want to, to make better and more informed decisions. The Indiegogo campaign aims to crowdfund further development for the roll-out of HAT’s worldwide within a year.

Using The HAT, users will be able to assess and assemble the data that companies hold on them. By combining information from sources such s Facebook, Google, broadband providers, supermarkets, online stores, streaming services and transport providers with personal data including calendar, photos and communication – users will be able to create full digital versions of themselves or the first time. More importantly, users will have the option to trade and benefit from this data.

Says Paul Tasker, the Chief Executive of the HATDEX “By 2020, 25 billion things will be connected to the internet – the ‘Internet-of-Things’- all of them generating data. This data has enormous value – to individuals, businesses and the economy. It is therefore important that we as individuals have the same power as corporations to use the data for our own benefit.

“We believe that if all of us have our own HATs, we will have more power in the future to influence how data is collected, stored and used; hugely benefitting ourselves and society whilst providing new opportunities to firms wanting to sell to us.”

Irene Ng, Chairman and Chief Economist of HATDEX says “As internet users, we hand over unimaginably vast amounts of personal data to search engines, online shopping sites and social networks every day, every time we are online. Most people don’t know what their data is, what it includes, what it looks like and how valuable it is. The HAT will change that.”

The Indiegogo campaign will run until April 15th and seeks to raise £50,000 to launch in BETA to the first users this summer.

Today also sees the launch of the HAT Foundation, a newly-formed social enterprise that will take over the HAT from WMG, the University of Warwick, which has led the development of the HAT through a £1.2 million research programme involving six universities. See the University's press release here

“We are privileged to be taking over the HAT from the research team at WMG, and we aim to take it forward by scaling up the HAT ecosystem and community of HAT users. We want to promote widespread take-up of HATs by individuals, to have as many people be part of the HAT social movement for a better future on the Internet,” Tasker Said.

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