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HAT iOS App v.1.4.3

New in this release:
• We have added a sign up page to our newsletter when signing up for a HAT 
• Fixed a bug that removed HAT apps access to iPhone locations
• And we added the sentiment tracker to the Weekly Summary, grouped into positive, neutral and negative sentiments

HAT iOS App v.1.4.2

New in this release:

• Added your profile information to plugs 

• Added the information about where you got your HAT from (vendor) and the HAT provider to your settings

• Some bug fixes and UI improvements (background images, password reset, password visible when typing)

HAT Web App v.3.6.1

Updates and improvements in this release:

• We have added HAT Data exchange ratings to give you full transparency on services/apps "Powered by HAT"

• Added maps to the user interface, you can now trace your online activity by location

• Some UI Improvements: content cards are expendable, universal error message handling, feed items are grouped together and can be expanded

HAT iOS App v.1.4

New in this release:

• Tools and Insights, a new feature of the HAT, is now viewable on HAT iOS App. Tools are installed in the Smart HAT Engine (SHE) and create new data privately within the HAT

• The first SHE tool is out: Weekly Summary - Weekly Summary shows your weekly online activities. It allows you to to have an overview of your data accumulated in a week. The first weekly summary establishes the start date of the tool and is a summary of your history of activities

• Added new screen for our updated T&C’s to be accepted before using the app

• Onboarding screens: - additional screen to explain Tools & Insights - added screens for iPhoneX and iPad

• We have added HAT Data exchange ratings to give you full transparency on services/apps "Powered by HAT"

• Updated our permissions screen 

• Added some more information to all plugs, apps and tools

• General UI Improvements like adding sign up limitations

• Some minor bug fixes

HAT Web App v3.6

Updates and improvements in this release:

New additions:

- Data debit list/review functionality, ability to disable a particular debit
- Application's permissions review page
- Contextual menus in the application/data debit details pages

Updates and improvements:

- Data plugs now use the new HAT application framework for smoother interactions
- Updates HAT application status indicators to represent more possible states
- Updates notables feature to work seemlessly with the updated plugs
- Removes dynamic plug listing from the side-menu
- Updates app permissions rendering rules to accommodate additional permissions

Developer improvements:

- Fixes login issues when launching web app from HAT development environment
- Improves backward compatibility with older browsers, includes more polyfills