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HAT Web App v.3.6.1

Updates and improvements in this release:

• We have added HAT Data exchange ratings to give you full transparency on services/apps "Powered by HAT"

• Added maps to the user interface, you can now trace your online activity by location

• Some UI Improvements: content cards are expendable, universal error message handling, feed items are grouped together and can be expanded

HAT Web App v3.6

Updates and improvements in this release:

New additions:

- Data debit list/review functionality, ability to disable a particular debit
- Application's permissions review page
- Contextual menus in the application/data debit details pages

Updates and improvements:

- Data plugs now use the new HAT application framework for smoother interactions
- Updates HAT application status indicators to represent more possible states
- Updates notables feature to work seemlessly with the updated plugs
- Removes dynamic plug listing from the side-menu
- Updates app permissions rendering rules to accommodate additional permissions

Developer improvements:

- Fixes login issues when launching web app from HAT development environment
- Improves backward compatibility with older browsers, includes more polyfills

HAT Web App v3.5

Updates and improvements in this release:

  • We added the Spotify plug for you to view your track listening in your "My Digital Life" feed, as well as media items are now supported on there
  • The date picker interaction on the profile page was improved
  • Easier navigation with the date divider and auto-scroll on the current day in the main feed
  • Also includes minor bug fixes and subtle visual improvements
HAT Web App v3.4.1

Updates and improvements in this release:

  • Refreshes authentication token from API response header
  • Improves password update/recovery page to be more user-friendly
  • Migrates from Angular Http to HttpClient service
  • Uses interceptors to implement authentication logic
  • Rewrites authentication module to make it more efficient/comprehensible
  • Updates styling of the "My Digital Life"
  • Updates styling of the login screens
  • Adds desktop designs of the login screens


Web Rumpel v3.2

New in this version:

  • Notables can now be uploaded with file/photo attachments
  • Added all new data plug management screen with improved interactions
  • UI shows all of the acquired data plug-by-plug
  • Added SHE feed
  • Added Fitbit data display to the dashboard and mashup views

Besides those, we’re improved quite a few things

  • Upgraded all of the HAT API calls to version 2
  • Upgraded all of the exchange calls to interact with the updated DEX API
  • Upgraded all of the data plug interactions to support the new API of Facebook, Twitter, and Fitbit plugs
  • Date-based data filtering using HAT API v2
Web Rumpel v3.1

Rumpel v3.1 Release Notes Rumpel™ is a private dashboard for your HAT data. It is the browser through which you can view, manage and create actions using the data stored in your HAT. What you can do with Rumpel: * Stuff data into your HAT; claim your data from Internet companies and make it useful to you * Keep it secure and available on demand; your HAT is a personal and secure cloud container that goes everywhere with you and available on all your devices * Monetise your data; use it to get discounts and services, again and again New in version 3.1:

* Rumpel Offers: the ability to sign up for relevant offers allowing you to exchange your data for cash, vouchers or services. Rumpel Offers includes a transparent data sharing model, allowing you to see which data points are being shared (and whether you can be personally identified by the data). * Features centralised branding variables, enabling developers to quickly and easily change fonts, colours and logos globally. * Updates the project to Angular 4.3 * Updates the project to Typescript 2.3 * Updates the Angular CLI version to v1.3 * Updates the build pipeline to use Angular CLI's environments

Besides those, there were improvements:

  • Usability and user experience enhancements
  • Updated global styles
  • Improved account menu
  • Improved modal message design
  • Displays helpful user message when token verification fails

And some fixes:

  • Code consolidation and refactoring
  • Fixes broken links
  • Adds domain check to the token verification procedure
  • Prevents multiple alerts if data plugs are not working correctly