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HAT v2.5.0

The initial release of the Smart HAT Engine (SHE)

  • Builds a plugin-based architecture for executing functions on incoming data
  • Uses the existing data bundling method to define the specifics of what data needs to be sent to a SHE function for execution
  • Demonstrates the approach via existing data mapping into a single homogeneous stream from Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit and Google Calendar plugs
  • Removes obsolete database tables previously used for "contextualised" data
  • Updates project dependencies to newest version of Scala (2.12.4), Play Framework (2.6.6) and Slick (2.2.1) along with all related smaller dependencies
HAT 2.4.1

The HAT 2.4.1 release adds a few small but important improvements:


  • Adds API endpoints for migrating data to API v2 structures and automatically copies all new data coming in to old APIs to new ones
  • Adds privileged API methods to manage certified applications
  • Cleans up and reenables continuous integration and tests, along with a range of different build combinations
  • Updates statistics reporting to DEX to report all metadata I/O and data debit control operations
  • Extends Data Debit V2 model to support fulfilment of conditions before exposing data