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HAT Web App v.3.6.1

Updates and improvements in this release:

• We have added HAT Data exchange ratings to give you full transparency on services/apps "Powered by HAT"

• Added maps to the user interface, you can now trace your online activity by location

• Some UI Improvements: content cards are expendable, universal error message handling, feed items are grouped together and can be expanded

HAT Web App v3.6

Updates and improvements in this release:

New additions:

- Data debit list/review functionality, ability to disable a particular debit
- Application's permissions review page
- Contextual menus in the application/data debit details pages

Updates and improvements:

- Data plugs now use the new HAT application framework for smoother interactions
- Updates HAT application status indicators to represent more possible states
- Updates notables feature to work seemlessly with the updated plugs
- Removes dynamic plug listing from the side-menu
- Updates app permissions rendering rules to accommodate additional permissions

Developer improvements:

- Fixes login issues when launching web app from HAT development environment
- Improves backward compatibility with older browsers, includes more polyfills

HAT Web App v3.5

Updates and improvements in this release:

  • We added the Spotify plug for you to view your track listening in your "My Digital Life" feed, as well as media items are now supported on there
  • The date picker interaction on the profile page was improved
  • Easier navigation with the date divider and auto-scroll on the current day in the main feed
  • Also includes minor bug fixes and subtle visual improvements
HAT Web App v3.4.1

Updates and improvements in this release:

  • Refreshes authentication token from API response header
  • Improves password update/recovery page to be more user-friendly
  • Migrates from Angular Http to HttpClient service
  • Uses interceptors to implement authentication logic
  • Rewrites authentication module to make it more efficient/comprehensible
  • Updates styling of the "My Digital Life"
  • Updates styling of the login screens
  • Adds desktop designs of the login screens


HAT Web App v3.4

New features in this release:

  • App explorer for the HAT ecosystem
  • Google Calendar Data Plug
  • Includes Google Calendar data in the "My Digital Life" feed
  • Implements HAT application's permission approval process 
  • Adds date picker filter feature in the mashups view

Also includes many minor bug fixes and subtle visual improvements.

Web Rumpel v3.3

New features in the current release:

  • Added past and future filters for the "My Digital Life" feed
  • Information about data conditions applied to any particular offer

Major improvements:

  • Data plug data views now leverage the power of Angular router instead of manual coding
  • Improves visuals of the login process by omitting header and sidebar
  • Re-implements major layout components and creates new ones using Angular Material library
  • Removes dependency on legacy libraries linked to jQuery and jQuery itself

Also includes many minor bug fixes and subtle visual improvements.

This version was released on 25.01.2018