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HAT iOS App v.1.4

New in this release:

• Tools and Insights, a new feature of the HAT, is now viewable on HAT iOS App. Tools are installed in the Smart HAT Engine (SHE) and create new data privately within the HAT

• The first SHE tool is out: Weekly Summary - Weekly Summary shows your weekly online activities. It allows you to to have an overview of your data accumulated in a week. The first weekly summary establishes the start date of the tool and is a summary of your history of activities

• Added new screen for our updated T&C’s to be accepted before using the app

• Onboarding screens: - additional screen to explain Tools & Insights - added screens for iPhoneX and iPad

• We have added HAT Data exchange ratings to give you full transparency on services/apps "Powered by HAT"

• Updated our permissions screen 

• Added some more information to all plugs, apps and tools

• General UI Improvements like adding sign up limitations

• Some minor bug fixes

HAT iOS App v.1.3.1

New in this release:

• Support for haptic feedback (requires iPhone 7 and newer) in several views and scenarios
• Added support for password managers (requires iOS 11)
• Added support for universal links
• UI Improvements when creating a new HAT
• New error messaging when logging in
• New images for onboarding screens and an additional "Enable location" onboarding screen
• General UI Improvements like updating fonts and icons
• Some bug fixes

HAT Web App v3.5

Updates and improvements in this release:

  • We added the Spotify plug for you to view your track listening in your "My Digital Life" feed, as well as media items are now supported on there
  • The date picker interaction on the profile page was improved
  • Easier navigation with the date divider and auto-scroll on the current day in the main feed
  • Also includes minor bug fixes and subtle visual improvements