HAT Android App v.1.4

New in this release:

  •  Tools & Insights, a new feature of the HAT, is now viewable on the HAT Android App - Tools are installed in the Smart HAT Engine (SHE) and create new data privately within the HAT
  • We added a detailed view of Data Plugs and Data Debits
  • In your profile you can now upload a photo and choose to put it on private or public mode
  • Apps, Data Plugs and Tools now have detailed info about: Provider, Website, Country, Version, Last updated Version, Terms and conditions and Support email
  • Some bug fixes and UI improvements
HAT iOS App v.1.4

New in this release:

• Tools and Insights, a new feature of the HAT, is now viewable on HAT iOS App. Tools are installed in the Smart HAT Engine (SHE) and create new data privately within the HAT

• The first SHE tool is out: Weekly Summary - Weekly Summary shows your weekly online activities. It allows you to to have an overview of your data accumulated in a week. The first weekly summary establishes the start date of the tool and is a summary of your history of activities

• Added new screen for our updated T&C’s to be accepted before using the app

• Onboarding screens: - additional screen to explain Tools & Insights - added screens for iPhoneX and iPad

• We have added HAT Data exchange ratings to give you full transparency on services/apps "Powered by HAT"

• Updated our permissions screen 

• Added some more information to all plugs, apps and tools

• General UI Improvements like adding sign up limitations

• Some minor bug fixes

CZ Investment taps HATDeX founder Dr. Xiao Ma, to investment board for Western Europe

Government-supported $66m private equity firm will invest in European technologies that integrate with the Hub of All Things

Dr. Xiao Ma, Commercial Director

Dr. Xiao Ma, Commercial Director

LONDON, UKHAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX) founder and University of Warwick Senior Fellow Dr. Xiao Ma has been tapped to join the investment board of CZ Investments, a major development fund backed by the Chinese government.

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CZ Investments is looking at three investment categories through its $66 million Fund 1: BioTech, Manufacturing, and Digital Technologies focusing on the personal data economy. A healthy portion of the fund’s inaugural capital will be put into HAT-based innovations, as the data exchange, digital insight, and artificial intelligence landscapes evolve over the coming investment cycle. Dr. Ma, as the fund’s only scale-up-focused partner, is committing to investments in decentralized personal data projects built on Hub of All Things (HAT) micro-server technology. 

HAT micro-servers are a technology for the decentralised data economy. The micro-servers are owned by the citizen and can collect and store data for them wherever it’s created, unlocking opportunities in private AI, non-intrusive online advertising, and improved digital signaling and verified action. HATs improve companies’ access to their users’ data, giving them direct, real-time, on-demand, dynamic information that doesn’t violate customer expectations or intrude upon their privacy. Analogous to the bank account, the HAT micro-server is a data account that can be provided to citizens by the governments, hospitals, financial services, or technology providers, and each HAT can be used by an individual to reuse and re-share app data, increasing their power, control, and collective worth as a consumer.

CZ Investments expects to leverage their network of publicly-listed corporate backers and extensive policy expertise to grow HAT-based innovation in China and Western Europe. As a founder of the HAT Data Exchange Ltd and a non-executive Board Member of the China UK Business Association, Dr. Xiao Ma is uniquely positioned to expand the technology’s global reach, and his European role with CZ Investments is in addition to responsibilities he will hold with the private equity firm in China as a member of the investment committee. 

CZ Investments will appoint the HAT Accelerator, a global technology incubator due to launch in Q3 2018, to act as its exclusive European agent for engagement with early-stage businesses. Jointly, CZ Investments and the HAT Accelerator will pursue their vision for a decentralised personal data economy. Today, personal data is already worth billions, despite the issues of customer friction, regulation, analytics, and security that come with its use - and that are expected to be solved by HAT-technology-based decentralisation. 

Dr. Ma’s role with CZ Investments will prioritize the collection, use, and utilization of personal data around the technology end-user, the citizen, to enable new services like personalised products, preventative and on-demand medicine, sophisticated machine learning algorithms, and pervasive IoT. Dr. Ma is excited to be a part of the new capital deployment and is looking forward to helping European companies to better expand into the Chinese market.


About Dr Xiao Ma

Dr. Xiao Ma is a founder of the HAT Data Exchange Ltd and a non-executive Board Member of the China UK Business Association. An entrepreneur and an academic, he has also held Visiting Professor roles at the Inner Mongolia University and the University of Warwick. Dr. Ma studied at the Beijing Institute of Technology and University of Warwick, where he received his PhD in Engineering.


About HATDeX

HAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX) is a commercial enterprise spun out from the RCUK £1.2m HAT research project (2013-2015) tasked to build the decentralised HAT Platform from the HAT open sourced core. From 2015-17, HATDeX built a suite of products (the HATDeX Technology Suite) to assist organisations in benefiting from decentralise personal data storage, processing and exchange by giving their own customers HAT private micro-servers. HATDeX is part of the HAT ecosystem managed by the HAT Community Foundation. To date, more than £10m HAT-related grants have been awarded to HAT partner universities.


About CZ Investments

CZ Investments is a private equity firm with $66m in assets under management for their early stage technologies Fund I. Supported by the Chinese government, who have a more than 10% stake ($14m GBP), the firm was founded on 26 December 2017 with a mission to invest in domestic and foreign assets in three categories: BioTech, High-Tech Manufaturing, and Digital Technologies. Based locally in China and with an expanding presence globally, they are pursuing investments in Western Europe primarily in digital technologies. CZ Investments aims to use their network and policy expertise towards expanding the available market segments for their foreign investments to include the Chinese market.


For more information about the HAT visit https://hubofallthings.com
For more information about the HAT Data Exchange visit https://hatdex.org 

For more information, please contact:
Jonathan Holtby
Community Manager, HATDeX
+44 (0) 7508 080295

HAT Web App v3.6

Updates and improvements in this release:

New additions:

- Data debit list/review functionality, ability to disable a particular debit
- Application's permissions review page
- Contextual menus in the application/data debit details pages

Updates and improvements:

- Data plugs now use the new HAT application framework for smoother interactions
- Updates HAT application status indicators to represent more possible states
- Updates notables feature to work seemlessly with the updated plugs
- Removes dynamic plug listing from the side-menu
- Updates app permissions rendering rules to accommodate additional permissions

Developer improvements:

- Fixes login issues when launching web app from HAT development environment
- Improves backward compatibility with older browsers, includes more polyfills

HAT iOS App v.1.3.1

New in this release:

• Support for haptic feedback (requires iPhone 7 and newer) in several views and scenarios
• Added support for password managers (requires iOS 11)
• Added support for universal links
• UI Improvements when creating a new HAT
• New error messaging when logging in
• New images for onboarding screens and an additional "Enable location" onboarding screen
• General UI Improvements like updating fonts and icons
• Some bug fixes