The HAT Milliner Service is the HAT deployment software used for HATs-on-Demand and HATs-as-a-Service.

Milliner was developed by HATDeX to allow a more dynamic configuration of HAT deployment, such as for default allocated storage for each HAT, as a mechanism for starting and managing HATs, or as rules for HAT backup and recovery.

An organisation may obtain a license from HATDeX to provision HATs directly from your apps, much like HaaS, but to host HATs on your existing or preferred cloud infrastructure. Essentially, Milliner allows organisations to provision HATs in their own branding, enabling them to own the relationship with their HAT users.


  • Provisions HATs on different cloud infrastructures
  • Integration of other Personal Data Stores onto HAT platform
  • Enabling brand owners to be the Private Data Account provider
  • Enables brand owners and organisations to own the relationships with their customers, both with businesses and with end users

Product Releases