Welcome to HATStore

Where you can get a HAT and also view the certified Tools, Apps and Plugs built on the HAT.


Get a HAT from these Apps

Your HAT Microserver is created when you use any of the these apps


Plugs bring data from the Internet into the HAT owner's HAT Microservers. You will be able to enable a plug from within HAT-enabled apps.


Apps built on HATs interact with HAT owners through data debits and the HAT permission and exchange model. You will need a HAT Microserver to use these apps.


AI Tools

Tools sit within the Smart HAT Engine (SHE), which sits within the HAT. Tools are pre-trained algorithms created by Machine Learning and Data Scientists to analyse, transform HAT data. Tools are uploaded into SHE and any new data created by tools will only stay in the HAT unless explicitly shared by the HAT owner through a data debit. HAT owners are able to see the output of the AI tools from within the HAT app.