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Your digital life is made up of hundreds of day to day interactions on the Internet: liking and sharing content, booking train tickets, tracking your activity. It's time to see them all come together, in one place, so you can benefit from analysis, insights and self-discovery on your personal data.

CONNECT DATA PLUGS Link your Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, FitBit, Google Calendar and iPhone GPS locations to your HAT, and pull in all that data in real time. Your data is kept in an entirely private space, owned by you – we don't see it, third parties don't see it, no-one sees it but you.

YOUR DIGITAL LIFE View your data in a live feed where you can experience and engage with it as it arrives into your HAT. Facebook posts, workouts recorded by FitBit, photos you've shared – see it all in one integrated feed. Search your data by date range to know exactly where you were and what digital actions you took at any given time.

PUBLIC PROFILE Save your personal information privately, and customise exactly which parts you want to share publicly on your Personal HAT Address – your own public URL. Think of it as the front door to your HAT, and use it to display the information you'd like.

ME, MYSELF AND AI The Smart HAT Engine (SHE) on your HAT will enable you to subscribe to different types of analytics and machine learning functions to give you daily insights and help you make better decisions with your data, completely in your private space. Start claiming your data for yourself so that you can better use AI in your life.

One HAT, so many possibilities: our HAT Community of startups and app makers is creating a new generation of Internet applications sitting on your HAT. With all the data in the account, you can donate your data to research, spend it, match it and exchange it for services.

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