Under the Bonnet - Volume 1 | Issue 4 - 9 June 2017

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Welcome to the fourth issue of Under the Bonnet. This series will provide briefings on various aspects of the HAT; its tech, business and markets, as well as product updates.

In this issue:

In addition to the Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) we submitted to the ICO on HATDeX (available to read here), the HAT Community Foundation, together with HATDeX, have also produced a DPIA for the entirety of the HAT Ecosystem. In this issue, it is published in full as an appendix. Under the Bonnet 3 included the full DPIA document which was submitted to the ICO in compliance with the various legislations laid out by the office. Not content with producing one such document, we wrote another, covering the entire HAT Ecosystem, of which HATDeX’s processes are a part. While the second document is not required for ICO review under the current legislation (and probably not even required for GDPR compliance), the HAT Community Foundation and HATDeX felt that it was necessary to cover this ground now for transparency and trust within our community, and to invite comment and discussion from you: our readers and those interested in the HAT. We aim to continuously develop and keep the HAT ecosystem at the forefront of individually controlled personal data. The HAT is built on open source principals, and it’s important to us that all aspects of the ecosystem are publically accessible and fully explained. The DPIA is divided into two main sections; the first lays out all the participants involved, from individual users, to organisations providing Data Offers, to the HAT Community Foundation regulatory body. The second illustrates the precise information flows themselves. The document also includes information on best practices, as well as an appendix which describes risks to which the ecosystem is exposed, and the ways we minimise and counter them.

Thoughts? Comments? HATDeX would welcome responses from any of our readers, on any part of the ecosystem. If you’re conducting research, working on a project, or running a company which has any overlap or bearing on the personal data economy, and the issues we address here, we’d love to hear from you. In the same vein, if you have questions on, or challenges to the ecosystem, we’d love to hear from you too. The HAT Ecosystem marks a commitment to digital innovation, and connecting to organisations with similar visions is important to us. Drop a line to our community manager, Jonathan Holtby, at if you would like to join the conversation.